Leveraging my publishing, product development, UI/UX and branding experience, I worked tirelessly with my co-founders to create Intralist, a platform designed to help friends, consumers and brands share and discover information through interactive, top-five lists. There has never been an easy way to compare information from multiple sources on the internet and lists provide the perfect vehicle for comparison as virtually every blogger, publisher and brand creates them on a daily basis. Users could contribute by copying lists and sharing their own opinions, adding to the searchable content and simultaneously contributing to the aggregate, or definitive list on any topic.

The result was a multi-platform product that could create new revenue streams via native advertising, lead generation and first party data, making for a refreshing and uninterrupted user experience. The broader goal was personalizing search and discovery to every user, and yes, it’s a big idea. Currently, Intralist is being offered as a white label product to be licensed.

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