Working with a brand that is looking to evolve the creative approach to their advertising is always fun, and that’s exactly what Blade wanted. After four years of straight forward messaging and creative  targeted to only a very specific demographic, they needed a new look and tone for the launch of their Bounce route, which at $195 is the most affordable ticket they have ever offered. Running between the West Side of Manhattan and JFK, this is an attractive flight for business travelers and New Yorkers alike, so the campaign had to be relatable to a new, more diverse audience while also featuring eye-catching visuals so it would stand out across the social feeds, web pages, print ads and OOH media placements.

Serving as creative director, this was an exciting opportunity, although it didn’t offer much sleep because we only had nine days from being awarded the job to deliver a very content heavy campaign. This outstanding work is the result of an amazing team of principal collaborators, a crew of roughly fifty, and a client who was willing to trust us. In the first two months after launching on March 25, this campaign was responsible for 70% of bookings, with 50% coming directly from IG and FB alone.

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