Looking to evolve their content and drive deeper engagement across social channels, international restaurant chain Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer brought my team in to lead the charge. Known primarily for their “Insta-famous” Crazy Shakes, they asked us to develop content capsule concepts that would help broaden the narrative and educate consumers about their other menu items in fun ways.

The resulting content, which was a mix of product focused videos and photography, cinemagraphs, longer form narrative brand story-telling, and a brand campaign, drove an average of 400% more impressions than anything they had done in over two years.

A content capsule we pitched and then produced named, “Build It”. The goal was to highlight menu items by featuring their unique, mouth-watering, ingredients in a fun way that would drive engagement. In total, we featured thirteen menu items and all videos were formatted for both IG Stories and also at 4:5 for organic and paid posts.

Developed as a social-first campaign, “We’ve Got A _ For That” quickly evolved into a broader concept with multiple media applications. The campaign features both video and still photography of various menu items, allowing us to successfully shift the Black Tap dialogue with consumers away from Crazy Shake-centric.

To promote their two St. Patrick’s Day limited edition menu items – the Lucky Charms Crazy Shake and Reuben Burger collaboration with iconic Katz’s Deli in New York City – we created a collection of videos. In addition to short product focused content we created a narrative video which followed Katz’s famous corned beef from their restaurant on Houston Street to Black Tap’s Soho kitchen and ultimately to the mouth of a hungry customer. Other than the closing shot, this entire video was shot using a custom snorri rig built by our DP, Oliver Lucien Anderson.

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