Villency Design Group, Website Design and Development

As one of the world’s foremost consumer product development companies, VDG wanted to have an online presence that accurately reflected their contemporary aesthetic and innovative work. The direction was to “start form scratch and create a site with an intuitive UI and slick UX using only proprietary VDG content”. To deliver a unique yet very functional final product I not only designed the website but also directed original video content captured at VDG factories, shot original photography and had custom 3D printed objects produced for incorporation into the What We Do section design.

Villency Design Group, Logo Animation

Being an innovative product development company, VDG wanted a conceptual animation of their logo that reflected the company’s creativity and referenced their design capabilities. Using some of their archived product schematics and adding both dimensionality and movement we were able to bring the concept to life. By resolving on the company logo this animation serves as a dynamic addition to presentations, trade shows and other brand initiatives.

Villency Design Group, Mural Design

After transforming a derelict warehouse into an innovative boutique retail concept VDG decided that the back of building, which features valet parking, also required an update that was consistent with the innovative approach taken to the rest of the structure. I was commissioned to create an original mural design that would greatly enhance the aesthetic and be reflective of the deconstructed architecture and sustainable construction that had been used for the rest of the building. The selected design features graphic bird silhouettes presented in such a way that they appear to be migrating from opposite ends of the building towards a centrally placed tree. The entire design uses only 10 variations of bird silhouettes to depict hundreds of birds, a tree and surrounding bushes throughout the parking lot.

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