This stop-motion animated short, titled “That Time M.J. Punched Steve Kerr in the Face”  was created to support Michelle Beadle’s triumphant return to SportsNation/ESPN. In her new segment “Michelle Beadle’s Most Misunderstood Sports Stories”, Michelle shared her favorite sports moments with a unique take. As Creative Director on the project, I worked with the artists and producers to illustrate this story of a frustrated Michael Jordan in 1995, which had been told by M.J. during a radio interview. Archival images and video footage were referenced to ensure historical accuracy and a visual narrative was constructed, literally, to sync with M.J.’s words. The final product is the result of over a thousand character drawings by Trevor McCarthy, countless prop drawings by Rachel Ryle, some set building by me, and one month of shooting. It originally aired March 8, 2014.

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